The Classroom Fox

Hi, I’m Amanda Gianniny and I am the Classroom Fox.


Over the years I have held many teaching roles. I’ve been an academic support instructor, 4th, 5th, and 3rd grade teacher, tutor, SAT coach, summer writing program coordinator and instructor, and my current role is Literacy Advocate. I’ve taught in Texas and NY, tutored in dining rooms and professional centers. I’ve worked in the inner city, charter schools, suburban schools, and independent schools. But regardless of these role or responsibilities and no matter where I have been, I have always just been, “Hey Ms G”


“Hey Ms G, what are we supposed to be doing right now?”

“Hey Ms G, I don’t get it.”

“Hey Ms G, you’re pretty.”

“Hey Ms G, can I go to the bathroom?”

“Hey Ms G, sorry I missed tutoring last week. I was in jail. It was super lame.” 

“Hey Ms G, this book is so amazing.”

“Hey Ms G, my hand is up, WHY AREN'T YOU CALLING ON ME?”

“Hey Ms G, I finally get it!”

“Hey Ms G, you really made us think with that one. Well played.”

“Hey Ms G, so I’m taking this girl to the dance on Saturday and I’m supposed to get her some kind of croissant or something?”

“Hey Ms G, here’s your coffee. I think you need it.”

“Hey Ms G, thank you for being my teacher.”

(These quotes are all true, btw)


Teaching is a role I have loved and hated. A profession I couldn’t wait to leave (because I did leave briefly), couldn’t wait to get back to, and one I know I will never leave again.  It’s a job that is energizing and exhausting, a job that is rewarding and also gutting.


My mission here at the Classroom Fox is to share some of my stories and ideas from the classroom, provide encouragement, teacher resources, students resources, and build community.


Stay foxy!

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